Looked at the library at my school. It’s so welcoming, and exutes NYU’s love for it’s 40,000 students.
My roommate once said:
“NYU could easily be the largest private school on the planet, if not the galaxy.”

I registered for classes today and big suprise. A large portion of them are already full, just bad luck in terms of being randomly assigened a crappy registration time. Plus I have aproximately 1.5 more years of gen-eds to get through, and hence I depend on luck to complete them along with my major. What a great way to choose you’re classes, random chance. I mean if it was something important I’d probably be more angry at my school, but it’s only my college education and the life that results from it. Petty things like that.
I like my education more and more the farther I get from language classes and anything that needs to be dealt with over a phone. Hence I’m slowly getting more and more comfortable with NYU, but I will always think my school is an evil entity that would not exist in an ideal world. NYU fits in the same category as Microsoft, Exxon, and possibly Enron. It’s a giant brainless thing that can’t even fathom the harm it’s causing, and hence will continue to cause harm without being detterred by stupid things that nobody cares about (like ethical conduct).
I wonder if I could combine my studies with my intense desire to reveal to the school it’s huge gapping deficiencies. I suspect much of the problems arise from being overstaffed. No individual knows the entire answer to a question. I had to talk to five people in order to see if I could take a class. Obviously no policy has been set in stone across the board for getting approval, and once a policy is decided on it should only be neccesary to inform two or three people. Also the gen-eds are probably a waste of time. I understand the benefit, but in the case of 2 years of language that conflict time-wise with my major I think the cost of these GenEds is too high for any benefit (I need to go to this shit hole for another year just so I can finish a language that I really can’t wait to forget, that $40,000, what a scam). Posted by Picasa


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