New "Tin Foil Men Opens Up" DVD for $3

The DVD is ready for purchase. (Finally). Just press the “Buy Now” button.

Here is a list of the films included on the DVD:
The Spark
Jorge Regula
As I am Leaving
AAAA! or Melvin
Bridge Shuffle
How to Kill a Muse
Gunndance Film Festival ’03 Trailer
The Memory Remains (MV)
Frontier Psychiatrist (MV)
Yesterday and Today (MV sort of)
The Adventures of Spot
Students of Palo Alto
Economics of Nora
Carpe Diem

I’m also considering making an extra disc for special requests (costing $0-2). I hope to include the following:

Cold Coffee
Foreign Affairs
Big Train
Love, Poker, and Happy Donuts
Big Train
Sabotage (made back in 8th grade)
that movie with the puppets made by Noel Carey.
that movie with Raizin that is told in backwards time.

I don’t have all these on me, so I need to find somebody who does. If you have any of these please e-mail me.


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