Brainwash Complete: Israel was awesome.

Shalom! That’s “hello” for those who don’t parlez-hebrew. I’ve returned with the opinion that Israel has greater beauty than California, and an insane history to boot. This is a photo of me riding a dinosaur in the Kenev? Being there and talking to some of the people gave me a non-academic understanding of the conflict, which has lead me to empathize with the somewhat militaristic attitude of Israel much more.
But I’ll talk more on this in a future post, for now if you’re somebody from “Amazing Israel 7” (the birthright group I traveled with), I’d like to do a bit of self-promotion and send you to my videos <—click this. Don't watch the worm videos they are boring demonstrations for the math lab I work in, but everything else is meant for the general viewer. Additionally I strongly reccomend watching Jorge Regula, and The Spark part 1, and The Spark part 2. (If you see part 1 you must see part 2, or else nothing will make sense). All of which star the infamous Dan Wohl, my partner in crime during the Israel trip.



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