My Decision ’08, and a new Camera

Yay I got a digital camera. I’ve wanted this for a long time because, I eventually would like to make a documentary on Applied Math. I’m not sure how, but I’m certain a lot of it will be stills of industrial processes, and feats of modern engineering (such as power plants, etc.). Thus I’ll start documenting now, and maybe I’ll be able to come up with something in a decade (seriously, that’s not a ball park estimate).
Additionally, I’ve been accepted into Caltech (for Control and Dynamical Systems [aka CDS] ), NYU (Mathematics), and UCLA (Applied Mathematics). I’m told NYU is #1 for applied math (US News Rankings), but I’d like to change schools, and I’m also told CDS is a very highly regarded program (Caltech is supposedly #3 or something in Applied Math). But I wouldn’t get a classical mathematical training in mathematics at CDS and that’s something I’d value. At the moment I’m leaning towards UCLA (which I think is like #4 or #5). This is largely because from what I can see, they are doing some pretty cutting edge things there right now, and I did like the person who might likely be my adviser.


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