I hate NY

10 minutes ago I was punched in the jaw by a fat teenager, who brought 2 friends as back-up. This is the 3rd time this has happened, so I’m not quite as traumatized as usual. I’m annoyed that it keeps happening in broad daylight by children though. I don’t go out at night very often, but I actually feel safer at night surrounded by adults who can kill me than in the day surrounded by 12-year olds who want my wallet. I feel like I’m in middle-school again.
I need to get out of here. Is this happening to anybody else? Please comment.


3 thoughts on “I hate NY

  1. I’m in Alphabet City. There’s a few schools nearby. I think Roosevelt Island is relatively safe. Although people tell me that Alphabet city is just as safe, but I don’t think so.

  2. Kids are vicious! Still, I have had misattributed racial slurs and hostile shouted at me, but have never been touched. And those were kids from the ghetto, where I used to live. After a while, though, they sort of became my friends. Who are these Alphabet City punks? Let’s bring in some 12-year olds from Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, El-Barrio, Jersey City, Newark to set their asses straight.This wonderfully mature comment brought to you by the letter VIOLENCE.

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