Chapter 23 – Caltech

Long time no post. Erica and I have been here for about 3 weeks now. We pay a little less for about 4 times as much space. As expected, there’s no night life. It’s actually illegal to park in Pasadena past 2am, unless it’s with my Caltech permit in a Caltech garage.
I forgot how difficult it is to meet people. Orientation has been going on for three days. I converse fine with people, we get each others names and part ways. One second later I forget everything I just heard, and am effectively back to square one, knowing nobody except one guy who has a cubicle near me (he’s cool though). Perhaps the people I talk to have better memories. I feel like it’s middle-school again. I guess there’s really no rush to meet people, because I’ll be in classes with people anyway.


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