Spring in CA

I can’t wait for memon to get back. The last semester has been tough. Not only because my other half is in New York, but I’m turning out to be incredibly bad at using and understanding words in my Biomechanics class. I’ve reached a threshold where I can’t speak english, only equaitons. Reading the textbook is like having teeth pulled, which is funny because the equation riddled books I like to read have the same things said about them by most other people. I’m so tired of classes, and just want to do research and have some semblence of value beyond a GPA. In three hours I take the final, and then good riddence to undergrad engineering classes. Oddly it seems easier to do the advanced material since it’s usually more specialized and you stay on a small topic for the whole semester and get a good understanding, rather than comprehensive learning with intuition based justifications.
I got a nice postcard from [LO] a few days ago. It’s funny when we hang out, I used to sometimes think “I wonder what this guy is going to do? He enjoys too many things”, but thinking of him on his 2 jillion day journey across America I really think he’s got the hang of life in way that I lack, focus and material accomplishment errode spiritual freedom. Oh well, can’t have it all.
Also got an all to serious postacard from [RN].

It is nice to be in California for the Spring though [see picture]. For the nerdier readers, here’s my final project for Geometric Mechanics. It’s on momentum transfer in mass spring chains. I know it sounds boring, but I find simply models exciting when you analyze them in detail, and it has some more philosophical implications on the nature of friction and uncertainty. Why is that worthwhile? Well, to jump the gun a little, it may allow for a way to begin understanding how to correct the derivation of the H-theorem, and reconcile it’s conflict with the Poincare Recurrence Theorem in ergodic theory. Not that I would do that, but some smarter person maybe. I’m a little disappointed with how it ends before I got to any solid conclusion. If anything the fancy pictures, and graphs make the questions that I planned on answering obvious, and I plan on doing the stuff written in the “Future Work”.section.


One thought on “Spring in CA

  1. "philosophical implications on the nature of friction and uncertainty"…????? ughhhh that sounds terrible…yeah, i am glad i'm not doing math. more and more i realize.. totally wrong field for me. phew..btw, if i am to be belle @ disneyland, then I think you are a teacup-clock hybrid…

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