Birthday & New Poetry Thing

It’s been a year since I wrote anything.  Oh yay I’m 25.  Okay, that’s enough celebration for me.  I’ll try giving this blog thing another shot.  I’ve decided to join a group called “the undeniables” to help motivate me to exercise my creative muscles.  The gist is that I will write one poem everyday for two months.  I’m probably going to mix some flash fiction in there too since it only seems to differ from certain prose poems by the arbitrary judgement of the author.  Anywho, I invite you all to read my stuff and comment.  I promise never to write a poem titled “untitled” consisting of the single line


or anything of that nature.  The next session starts in a little while, and I need to set up a second blog dedicated just for “The Undeniables”.  But I’ll continue to post stuff on this blog if it seems worth reading.


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