Elkhart to the Rescue

Jerry was a stuffed seal that my ex-wife, Lucy, purchased for me on Valentines day.  We named him and referenced him as if he were a child.  We even put a little dog collar on him that said “Jerry” on the front, and had my address on the back.  After breaking up with Lucy I left Jerry in the back seat of my car and forgot about him.

My last car was a red Pontiac.  I obtained it at a police auction for only $5000.  I used it primarily for the commute from Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles.  This subjected my car to the typical stop and go of California driving.  My brakes stayed strong, but this had an unfortunate effect on one of the belts, due to frequent gear shifting.  One morning during the commute I heard a loud snap and the accelerator stopped working despite hearing a normal response from the motor.  I pulled over to the side and opened the hood, and my suspicion had manifested.  One of the belts had snapped.

I had it towed and brought to the nearest dealership.  The man said the belt would cost about $500.  In addition a number of other things were in need of repair, and the grand total was something on the order of $2000.  I decided I would be using public transportation for a little while.

A few months later I received a letter written in crayon from a little girl in Elkhart Indiana.  She said they recieved my car as a flat slab of steel from the recycling plant in Los Angeles.  Her dad brought her to work the day before and she was wondering around the stack of steel slabs.  Apparently there is a machine the size of an acre in Elkhart that shreds car slabs into small chunks of steel for resale.  Hanging outside one of the windows she found Jerry.  She wanted to keep Jerry, but her dad noticed there was a label with an address.  The dad then explained to her that somewhere out there was a little boy name David, and the red Car she found Jerry inside of was probably his daddy’s car.  The crayon scribblings explained how sad the little girl was when she lost her stuff bunny named Sam and it made her feel bad that I lost my stuffed animal.  So that’s why she sent it back.

Jerry sits on the dashboard of my new car now days.


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