from "The Red Balloon", directed by Albert Lamorisse

– Preface –

Humming birds witness each second more slowly than we do.

– Sunday afternoon in Central Park –

A humming-bird saw a red balloon and thought it was a flower.  When he tried to tap it for nectar he found nothing but air on the inside.  So he withdrew his beak.  A small hole remained where the humming-bird had pierced the balloon.  The humming-bird decided to look elsewhere and began to turn around.  As he did so the hole he had created started to grow.  It quickly grew along a path of weakness in the rubber, making its way around the circumference of the balloon.  The humming-bird felt a great force of air which pushed him backwards.  The rubber contracted into a tenth of its original size and slowly began to descend towards the ground.  The humming-bird meanwhile was regaining his orientation after being kicked by the pressure wave.  He maneuvered himself upright and flew away to the tree where he had perched earlier, slightly shaken by the events.

– One Second Earlier

Joey ‘s mom told him to wait outside the bathroom while she went to the potty.  He was so glad she bought him a balloon from the clown.  Then a humming-bird came and popped it.  The flabby rubber fell to the ground.

– Loose end –

Did God see that?



3 thoughts on “Explosion

  1. Whoa, I really enjoyed this piece. To be able to describe something so simple as a pop of a balloon takes much talent. :)

  2. This made me laugh. Well, first it puzzled me and then it made me laugh.

    I don’t know much about birds but don’t they have a good sense of hearing? I’m just assuming because they sing all the time, but it seems like the sound of the balloon pop would have been more traumatic than the air pressure.

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