Diabeates #1: Fried Mackerel with Zucchini

Dinner March 14, 2011 (p3)

Hi all,

I’ve rejoined The Undeniables.  So I have committed myself to writing something everyday.  I’m taking a break from poetry/short stories to do creative non-fiction, oscillating between low-brow and high brow.  Today, low brow… food porn.

My dinner = Salted mackerel fried in a pan with olive oil and garlic. About one minute later I added half a yellow onion and 8 slices of zucchini.
I placed the rice and furikake first on the plate, and then the mackerel and vegetables on top and to the side. I had kim-chi on a side dish for optional spice, along with Merlot for no good reason.* This seems like japanese/korean to me (my wife says korean, but I bet if she though it was a crappy meal she would not have, so I’ll take it as a complement to my taste.).

*I know it’s a white wine meal if any wine at all. Don’t be a snob.

Dinner March 14, 2011 (p2)

Dinner March 14, 2011 (p1)


2 thoughts on “Diabeates #1: Fried Mackerel with Zucchini

  1. Yeah! I’m totally favoriting this! Welcome to my “food porn” folder.

    Just a question, but are you going to advertise this as a food blog for people with diabetes? Because (I think) you totally should!

    – Clint P.

    1. Thanks! I would if I knew how. Maybe I’ll title all of them “Diab-eates: FOOD NAME HERE”.

      An honor to be complemented by a person who’s username is a food,

      – hoj201

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