Diabeates #2: Soondubu Jigae

Dinner March 15, 2011 (p2)

Today I made Soondubu Jigae for dinner! This is within my top five favorite foods, so I can be a little harsh of a critic. However, this turned out decent. Good enough for me to recommend people do what I did (watch this video). The recipe is two parts, both important. You need to make the broth exactly as she does in the video (I hypothesize, I need to make another batch with crappy broth as a control test). The rest you can guesstimate. For those of you who do not parler-en-korean, Soondubu Jigae is “spicy tofu stew”. A lot of restaurants call it “tofu casserole”, however ‘E’ and I agree that this is not a good description and has probably disappointed many midwestern white americans with high LDL who wanted nothing more than a good low cholesterol substitute for their mother’s tuna casserole.

This is nothing like tuna casserole!
There is nothing like it!
(but it does have low cholesterol and almost 0 carbs if homemade)

Comparing Soondubu to tuna casserole is like comparing the wisdom of Christ + Amida Buddha + Q (from Star Trek) to …to a …. to a tuna casserole!

Dinner March 15, 2011 (p1)


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