Diabeates #3:Bibimpap + xtra

I promise to stop blogging about food very soon. Anywho…. Today I had bibimbap for dinner.

Bibimbap: March 23, 2011

The recipe is so simple it’s stupid:

\mathrm{bibimbap} = \mathrm{rice} + \mathrm{fried\ veggies} + \mathrm{red\ pepper\ sauce} + \mathrm{fried\ egg}

The red pepper sauce is just a mixture of 3 parts red-pepper paste and 1 part sesame oil. The fried veggies I chose were spinach, zucchini, and carrots fried in olive oil and garlic. I also added some kimchi on the side. Additionally if you’re a health-nut, this is a recipe where using brown rice will not detract (unlike sushi, where it does detract in my opinion).

NOTE FOR DIABETICS: I only use about 1/2 cup of rice. This is not much, and if you order this in a restaurant they give about four times this. If I ordered this at a restaurant I should probably dump some of the rice on a separate plate and put it far away since I have a tendency to eat whatever is on my plate once I begin.

Two days ago my wife made the best meal!

dinner: March 21, 2011

The meal consisted of:
1) doenjang jjigae (miso soup with more stuff and less soup)
2) fried pollock (in an egg and flour batter with a pinch of black pepper)
3) fried zucchini
4) banchan (pickled garlic + kimchi)


One thought on “Diabeates #3:Bibimpap + xtra

  1. i have made way better meals than that!!! but thank you anyway! i will make real authentic soondubu and take a picture for you to post, since your soondubu looks anemic.

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