Diabeates #4: Improvised Psuedo Asian Fried Chicken

psuedo asian BBQ chicken
I’m happy to say  I did this one because I didn’t feel like looking up a recipe and buying ingredients.  Yesterday I was given the following resources to work with.

  1. a frozen chicken breast
  2. Mongolian chili oil
  3. korean pancake flour (normal flour would do fine though)
  4. red pepper flakes
  5. olive oil
  6. garlic
  7. BBQ sauce
  8. stuff in the back of the fridge that I don’t want to deal with

My roommate and I enjoyed this one actually, so I plan on doing it again with a different sauce perhaps, but what we used worked.

INSTRUCTIONS: Let the chicken thaw.  Set aside a bowl and add half a cup flour and a table-spoon of red pepper flakes and mix.  Then coat all the chicken in this and set aside the chicken.  The bowl should still have a lot of flour in it, so add about half a cup water and mix.  This will be your batter.  Get a small sauce pan and coat the bottom with olive oil.  When the oil is hot you can add the garlic.  About a minute later start dipping the chicken into the batter and then dropping the batter coated chicken into the pan.  I don’t like a lot of batter, I don’t think a thicker coat of this particular batter adds much (except more carbs).  I like KFC batter, but this is completely different and more is not necessarily better.  So allow this to fry for about 7 minutes and then flip everything.  Let if fry for another 7 minutes.  From here you can check if it’s cooked through (If cooked through, then stop cooking. Else cook more).

SAUCE:  2 tablespoons BBQ sauce (get a good one), and drops of Mongolian chili oil to preferred spice.

I also made some Korean Kim-chi pancakes with the remaining batter and made a small side salad.  If you have the pancake mix then the instructions are on the package.

psuedo asian BBQ chicken

Kim-chi pancake and mixed green salad


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