Cherry Blossoms in Yoyogi Park

Due to the subtle suggestions on a earlier post by an anonymous individual who is exploiting her (or his) influence I will talk about something more unique to japan than the existence of food.

I was sitting on a park bench thinking about a math problem.  In my left peripheral vision a black splotch fell to the ground it was huge enough for me to turn my head.  It was two crows who were fighting in a tree that had come hurdling down to the ground and continued to fight in the dirt.  A murder of crows came and starting cawing around them.  It felt like watching a school yard rumble with all the kids chanting “fight! fight! fight!”.  I wish I had taken more video, there are crows everywhere, more crows in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo than pigeons in washington square, new york.  I did not manage to capture the crow rumble on video.  However the following is a POV-clip of strolling through Yoyogi Park during the peak of cherry blossom season.

Yoyogi Park, April 2011 from Henry Jacobs on Vimeo.

At the end of the video you see a bunch of posters with faces.  Those were for an election for the mayor of Tokyo last week.  The incumbent (Shintaro Ishihara) won.  He’s known for being somewhat of a xenophobic nationalist.

Now here is a photo slideshow from the crappy camera on my phone.


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