Itemized Thoughts #1: Japan Edition (part I)

Figure 1: Shibuya Crossing

THOUGHT #1:  Shibuya crossing is one of the most famous areas in Tokyo (see figure 1).  It looks a lot bigger in the movies, and I think it’s because us Japanese are smaller, and the movies always use wide-angle lenses.

THOUGHT #2:  People don’t jay-walk as much here.  Despite what feels like a 5 minute red-light for using the cross walk, everybody obediently waits.  This causes large groups to queue-up at the corners, so that when the signal finally goes green the cross walk becomes insanely crowded.  Thus I suspect long red lights make the crossing artificially seem more crowded than it really is.

Figure 2: Political Campaigns Posters

THOUGHT #3:  It’s election season in Tokyo (Figure 2).  There are cars with megaphones bolted to them campaigning everywhere (see video).  There are so many of these cars that they occasionally cross each other and you’ll have two voices campaigning at you at the same time.  Of course you can’t comprehend two voices at the same time, so they effectively cancel each other out (campaign-wise that is, the noise is still cumulative).

THOUGHT #4 Furikake is Japanese rice seasoning.  The ingredients include:

  • dried seaweed
  • sesame seeds
  • fish flakes
  • salt
  • etc…

I purchased a glass jar of Furikake last week.  It was not until yesterday that I noticed the picture on the label.  It appears to be some sort of wooden drum creature tackling and punching a crying monkey in the head while to the far left a monkey in a tree is chucking either strawberries or acorns (or both) at a stunned crab.  This is more of an observation than a thought. (see figure 3)

Figure 3: Furikake

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