Crazy Person #1

Whilshire Blvd postcard circa 1960

Yesterday I had a job interview so I got up early and went to the Donut shop on Whilshire Blvd.  I ordered a bear claw and medium coffee to have while I walked to the interview.  Walking on Whilshire Blvd around 8am the sun hit straight on.  I was almost blind.  Additionally, there was much traffic at this time, of people rushing to work.  I saw a figure pushing a shopping cart, talking to nobody.  `A crazy homeless person’ I thought.  Immediately I had to make a decision:

  1. Get away.  Cross the street.  Avoid crossing paths.
  2. Man-up.  Just walk by.

I chose plan #2.  We were walking opposite directions and as we got closer I could hear her voice more clearly.  I gained the sense that this person was a middle-aged women.  While I could not see her too clearly, she could probably see me just fine.  However I doubt she noticed me, as her ranting continued at a steady pace.  As we passed I caught a glimpse of her rant:

“And when the social net falls to pieces the interest rates will rise sharply.  Nonetheless as we learned from the savings and loans scandal of the 1980s…”

I continued with my plan and never heard the end of that sentence.  Curiosity caught up with me about 5 minutes later, but it was too late.  Under what circumstance would I run into this crazy person a second time?


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