Walk of Death

Jacob wanted to be the head salesman at footlocker.  Currently the post was taken by John who wanted to be manager.  The manager was Mr. Katz.  He was really tired of managing the store and wanted to be a photographer.  He abandoned his photography career in college to get a business degree.  His friend Chris Christiansen didn’t.  Chris Christiansen was a freelance photographer in Baltimore.  Mr. Katz kept in touch with Chris because he was jealous of him.  Had Chris known of this jealousy he would not have understood it.  For Chris wanted to have a steady job, and was tired of finding gigs on craigslist.   This is why he hated going to his neighbors parties.  His neighbor’s were successful artists and well known within the LBGT community for vulgar public displays of affection.  There names were Kate and Katy.  Kate was much younger than Katy, and was largely attracted to Katy because of her immaturity.  However after being in such a relationship for a year she grew tired of what was originally thrilling and longed for a relationship that bore closer resemblance to her grandparents.  Kate’s grandparents were Jewish retirees living in Miami.  There names were Allan and Miriam Berg.  Allan loved his community in Miami.  He had spent his life moving from business to business, and was relieved to finally stop.  However he fondly remembered his first days working as a shoe-shiner in Baltimore’s Union station, and planning for the day where he’d own his own stand instead of working for the uptight Mr. Rosenbaum.


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